Why we craft?

When I sit down at my little messy craft table, the only “mess” in our home that relaxes me, I softly touch the glitter bottles and sort out the paints that will later transform into the most beautiful gifts for people that I care for. I dream about the projects I have seen online and in the crafting books that I have been saving and collecting for years.

So many unfinished projects patiently waiting for me to give them my undivided attention but so many new ideas stealing my concentration.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

It’s not like crafting is a cheap hobby…

We attempt different crafting projects for several reasons:

• To beautify our home
• To relax
• To be creative
• To escape the stresses of our work life
• To supplement our incomes
• To entertain our children
• To give our loved ones unique, one of a kind gifts

Crafting has many benefits:

• It makes you happy!
• It relieves stress and tension
• It gets you off your phone and away from the television. Let’s be honest, the news-feeds on social media platforms has been very depressing lately so it is good for you to be away from the negativity.
• It helps you learn new skills. You should experience new things, drive new roads and learn new arts to keep your mind sharp!
• If you are good at the crafts you do, you can sell them! Great for an additional income that might even become a full-time business.
• When you work on craft projects with your family, it strengthens the bond you all share. It enables the family unit to solve problems and be creative together.
• It helps you to express your feelings. Great for introverts and for young children.

If you have not tried any craft projects, but would like to try something new, our advice is that you find something around your home that interests you.

Maybe you enjoy working in your garden? Now do a search on Google or Youtube about crafts that relate to your current hobby or passion. “DIY floral flower pots”, “Step-by-Step flower painting”.

Inspiration will find YOU…